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About me

I am a professional PHP and Ruby On Rails developer. I have more than seven years of experience. I carry out assignments quickly, accurately and promptly. I make sure that the code I write is qualitative, well-structured and well-formatted. I apply automatic code verification standards, which are individually customized for every project. When writing code, I use state of the art technologies and frameworks.

What I do

Quality-Oriented Web Development
All my work is aimed at poducing a high quality software. I use various automated tools to improve the quality of code and software.
Cutting-Edge Web Technologies
For the list of the web technologies I am proficient with, see the section "Portfolio"
Post-Release Support
Even after the product goes live, I am always ready to provide the continuous support. The price for the support is negotiated separately.
Agile Development Process
In the process of development, I regularly show intermediate results to you on the demo server in order to make the development process transparent and to put you in direct control of how your product is being made. I can use Mercurial, Git, SVN to store the source code of your product.

4 years used Ubuntu (Linux)

thousands lines of code

hundreds emails

many PHP libraries

Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful… that's what matters to me.

Steve Jobs —

Latest Blog Posts

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Common programming languages

  • PHP; Ruby;
  • JavaScript; CoffeeScript, TypeScript;
  • SQL;


  • MySQL; PostgreSQL;
  • MongoDB;

PHP libraries and frameworks

  • Yii; Phalcon; CodeIgniter; CakePHP; Zend Framework; Silex;

JavaScript libraries and frameworks

  • JQuery; MooTools;
  • AngularJS; ReactJS;

Revision control system

  • GIT, Mercurial;
  • SVN;

Queue systems

  • Gearman; RabbitMQ;


  • Capistrano;
  • Cruise Control;

Bug tracking systems

  • Redmine; ForBugs;

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